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Ikea: World’s First Website on Instagram

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The World's First website on Instagram!

Bulls Eye: BulldozerBQ

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CIF Cleans Romania

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Cebu Pacific: Rain Codes

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Vijay Sales: 100K Campaign Case Study

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As Vijay Sales was approaching 1 Lakh Fans, they wanted to do something unique & remarkable. The most interesting part of this activity was it's originality in having employees participate in a unique activity ...

Polar Beer: The Cell Phone Nullifier

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This might be the most social product ever built. The Polar Beer Cell Phone Nullifier. A product that blocks all cell phone reception, including Wifi, 3G .etc while you’re within 5 feet of the device, so that you can ...

Hellmann’s Recipe Cart

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In an effort to expand Hellmann's relevancy beyond the sandwich, the company and ad agency Ogilvy Brazil recently launched a campaign that told consumers how the groceries they had just purchased could be used to make...

Toyota: Try My Hybrid

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The ‘Try my Hybrid’ campaign in Norway is a social + mobile platform featuring real Toyota Hybrid owners – who for no money – signed on to let strangers, friends and neighbours (plus friends of friends through Faceboo...

Klik: Whatsapp Campaign Case Study

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Klick a Chocolate Snack certainly deserves a mention for being among the first to leverage WhatsApp as a platform for brands! One could also call this the first WhatsApp Campaign in the World!

Chevrolet: Chevy Game Time

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Super Bowl, the biggest TV advertising day in America, has become a crowded place. With over 50 advertisers competing for viewers' attention, how do you stand out? We decided to add another screen. Chevy Game Time ...

Johnson & Johnson (China): ‘Pump It Forward’ Campaign Case Study

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This case study describes a Johnson's Baby campaign in China which launched a social movement - 'Pump It Forward' - to help mothers who need to pump and store their breast milk after a return to work. This included pr...

Coca-Cola: Mini Me

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Coca-Cola Israel Rewards Fans With Mini, 3-D Printed Versions Of Themselves. Go behind the scenes and find out how they did it.

Kingfisher: The Good Times Dispenser

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In the month of October every year, beer lovers in India begin to count down the days to the country’s most loved beer festival – Kingfisher’s The Great Indian Octoberfest. In 2013, the brand decided to enhance the us...

Toyota: Prius Goes Plural

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Terre des Hommes: Sweetie

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Have you ever heard of webcam child sex tourism (WCST)? It’s basically men from rich countries pay children in poor countries to perform sexual acts in front of webcams. While tens of thousands of kids are abused in t...

Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

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Dumb Ways to Die is a public service announcement campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to promote rail safety. The campaign video went viral through sharing and social media starting in November...

Ikea: World’s First Website on Instagram

2.02K Views0 Comments

The World's First website on Instagram!

Yellow Chocolate

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This Case Study won the Cannes Gold Media Lion in 2010. Yellow Pages went about changing the perception of the color of chocolate by creating a Yellow chocolate that would symbolize the brand.

Cape Town Tourism: Branded Content Case Study

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Above is the Cannes Lions Branded Content Gold Cape Town Tourism Case Study. Most tourism brands are gifted with big media and productions budgets. We didn't have that luxury. But we did have a beautiful city we wa...

MCM Pizza

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MCM is a French cable TV channel that used to only show music videos. The new MCM revamped its programme grid to propose an explosive mix of Mangas, Monster Truck Show, Wrestling, Sexy girls & Zombies movies. With...

McDonald’s – Make Your Own Burger

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Campaign: CSDD – IZVADĪTĀJS, Case-Study

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There's Just One Glass Between A Driver And A Pall-bearer. Road Traffic Safety Directorate Is Warning You: Don't Drive Drunk!

National Geographic’s perspective on Augmented Reality

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National Geographic ran this "Augmented Reality" campaign, touring various shopping centres and the like. Watch the outcome at this particular French shopping mall.

Virgin Mobile: Fair Go Bro Case Study

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In order to rise above the competition in Australia, Virgin Mobile used a very different approach of hiring the Brand Ambassador.

Nöjesbladet: The Invite

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Nöjesbladet, is an Online weekend guide to offers that make a weekend awesome. But since most friends like to stay indoors, the agency worked on a solution that takes them outdoors with the most exciting experience of...

U.S Cellular: Call Someone Who Cares

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A US Cellular project to reply back in real time to angry customer tweets with sweet customer service songs.

Google: Voice Search London Campaign

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Vodafone Fakka: Mobile Micro Recharge

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MTV: Gif Me More Party Case Study

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To launch the MTV Mobile Plan, MTV decided to go with something they were always known for - Music. The challenge was to create a never before seen content through music.

Movistar – I Off You Case study

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Adobe: Print is Alive

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While Adobe started focussing more on Digital after the release of CS5 suite they realised that a majority of the 'Print' designers were left in the dark. As a result the Print Designers stopped caring about using Ado...

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