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CIF Cleans Romania

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LAFA: The get-laid-list

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Shiner: Case Study

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How a 100 old beer brand brought back the love they lost through an integrated campaign

TimTam: Truly Madly Tim Tam

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Contagion – Bacteria Billboard

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Building on its reputation for always being ahead of the curve, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique outdoor installation merging science and advertising that is guaranteed to leave movie lovers, science buff...

Vodafone’s Christmas Surprise!

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Ever wondered who brings Santa Claus his own gifts on Christmas? Watch the video to find out!

Ikea: Great Home Studies

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IKEA proved that it has solution even for the most weird families.

Dexter: Trans-media Case Study

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O2: Bring back the Roar

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MCM Pizza

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MCM is a French cable TV channel that used to only show music videos. The new MCM revamped its programme grid to propose an explosive mix of Mangas, Monster Truck Show, Wrestling, Sexy girls & Zombies movies. With...

Bing: D-code JayZ

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If you are going to take on Google at search then you are going to have to hire some heavy hitters which is exactly what Bing did when they brought in Jay Z and developed this brilliant innovative campaign to help lau...

McDonalds HK: Share the Blessings

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How McDonalds celebrated Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!

Burger King: Angry Tweets Case Study

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Burger King launches a campaign that counters negative tweets that occur when opening up their new store. – RockTheSabha

5.43K Views1 Comments

Supari Studios developed a case study for's Budget 2012 Campaign - Rock the Sabha. SS played a small part in putting together digital video content for this integrated campaign which has garnered a bu...

Lunchables: Now with Fruit Launch

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Skittles – Update the Rainbow

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Using The Super Mega Rainbow Updater Facebook fans visiting the UK Skittles page could post their current status update to a call centre operator. The operators read each update out loud before posting the video back ...

Cocacola: Share a Coke Case Study

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Pizza Hut: Juan Time

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Pizza Hut follows up its famous "Hate Late?" campaign with this effort aimed at unifying a country that's notorious for starting the New Year at a range of different times.

American ROM

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American Rom, a campaign of deception run in Romania in 2010, has won the Grand Prix in the Promo & Activation Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Romania’s ROM, manufactured by Kandia Dulce, is ...

Cocacola: Polar Bears Super Bowl Case Study

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Coca-Cola rolled out the details of its Super Bowl advertising on Thursday, and compared to what else we've seen, it looks pretty good. At first blush, the campaign, by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., is just anot...

Atlantic Lottery: Ask Away

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Atlantic Canadians have been playing the lottery for years — with little idea as to where their money was going. Lack of accessible information left citizens in the dark about the Atlantic Lottery. In partnership with...

The Face of Litter

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Coopers 62 ‘You know who you are’

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Developed for the national launch of Coopers 62, this integrated campaign invites people to help define the new Pilsner by contributing a bit of themselves to the brand. Integrated across outdoor, print, online, telev...

Bulls Eye: BulldozerBQ

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LAFA: The Sex Profile

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So here is a slightly different way to promote the use of condoms! Starting with a hand out of 50,000 free condoms, each with a QR code challenging young guys and girls in Stockholm to get involved by creating a love ...

Google: Voice Search London Campaign

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Dark Knight: Why So Serious? – Batman

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In May 2007, 42 Entertainment began a viral marketing campaign utilizing the film's "Why So Serious?" tagline. A transmedia experiment with over 10 million particpants in over 75 countres that played across hundreds ...

Aviva: ‘The Great Wall of Education’ case study

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The 'Aviva Great Wall of Education' is another milestone by Aviva, towards building a bright future for underprivileged children and helping them off the streets and into education. Aviva Life Insurance has partnered ...

Digital Kitchen: Meet Stanley

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What if a player piano could take requests? In the hacker/maker spirit of DIGITALKITCHEN, our team re-imagined a forgotten technology as a simple interactive experience that connects people and music and in new way. M...

Yellow Chocolate

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This Case Study won the Cannes Gold Media Lion in 2010. Yellow Pages went about changing the perception of the color of chocolate by creating a Yellow chocolate that would symbolize the brand.

LEGO: Festival of Play

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Oscar Mayor: The Great American Bacon Barter Case Study

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Oscar Mayer stands by its new bacon so much, or so the company says for its newest advertising stunt, that they think it can send actor/comedian Josh Sankey across the country with it and nothing else. Specifically, 3...

Coca-cola: The Dance Vending Machine

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Here is the latest ‘Happiness’ project from Coca-Cola, this time from Korea, where a huge interactive dancing vending machine was created, rewarding people who completed the tasks with free drinks, the harder the chal...

Cebu Pacific: Rain Codes

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Ben & Jerry’s Givolution

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This is a case study of the campaign "Givolution" for Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The first ever "give it forward" auction site to promote that Ben and Jerry Ice Cream is going 100% Fair Trade.

M&M: Find Red Case Study

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How far will people go for an irresistible snack? We hid the lovable red M&M throughout Toronto and created a scavenger hunt through Google Street View to find out.

Pro Infirmis: Just one Big Bear Hug!

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Pro Infirmis conducts an experiment: there are only a few people who don`t have empathy with disabled people. Nevertheless, the passenger seat in the public bus next to Fabian often stays empty. Handicapped people are...

Corona: Find your Beach

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Corona Extra, the number one imported beer brand in the U.S., evolved the "Find Your Beach" mantra in 2011 to challenge consumers to be introspective. The campaign introduces a new wave of interactive elements to tran...

Granata Pet: Check in, Snack out

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The German pet food brand uses a Foursquare-empowered billboard to create buzz amongst... dogs!

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