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The visYOUalize Yourself site was conceived by BBDO NY with digital production and design provided by Jam3. The microsite and mobile app uses advanced face mapping technology to create a first of it’s kind audio visualizer.

The hero faces of the campaign’s four lifestyles were created in a truly groundbreaking way that stepped far beyond the traditional shoot. Shot simultaneously with still and video we used the Kinect camera’s infrared depth sensor to capture and record live 3D video data of each one of our 4 models. This data could then be translated into a real time particle point cloud that actually responds to the music being played on the site or from a user’s audio library on their iPhone or Android phone.

Both the site and mobile app offer users a the opportunity of customizing their own visYOUalizer via upload or webcam. Once ‘visYOUalized’ users can share a direct link to their music visualizer or save photos of their highly stylized face.

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