May 2007 marks the kick off of Beijing City Attack, Nike’s latest basketball challenge for China’s youth. Based on the philosophy and visual style of Baqi, the capital’s unique form of streetball, the campaign is comprised of the Battle of Nine Gates Young Masters Basketball Tournament and includes an original song and MV from MC Webber (Wang Bo), remixed by Soma. W+K Shanghai and Nike invited the Beijing hip hop innovator to compose a piece that both embodies the spirit of the competition as well as exemplifies Baqi style, to serve as the Beijing City Attack anthem.

The MV, shot in Beijing in collaboration with L.A.-based director Tony Petrossian, brings the Baqi attitude of MC Webber’s track to life. Known for his groundbreaking work for artists such as DMX, Three Days Grace, Taking Back Sunday, and Avenged Sevenfold, Petrossian here unites his distinctive hip hop sensibilities with Beijing basketball and rap styles. The video illustrates a series of epic and increasingly formidable challenges for the three heroic ‘young masters’, who employ signature Baqi moves and skills to defeat a growing number of opponents. As they continue to advance past each gate’s defendants, the video leaves off with the trio, up against hundreds in their biggest challenge yet, as they head confidently into battle.

Visually, the MV complements MC Webber’s edgy rhymes with stylized editing by employing quick cuts, unconventional camera angles, and integrated images from the print and digital campaign. The fast pace and contrasting slow motion shots capture and emphasize the young masters’ slick moves, and together with a surreal visual treatment, create an overall dynamic and energetic mood in the MV.

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