An iconic brand with unique packaging, Pringles was looking for an innovative way to engage with its community. The main objective of this campaign was to make consumers think about Pringles—even when they’re not buying them. With the budget of a banner ad, we needed to deliver on a new brand promise of “encouraging play.”

The banner ad is typically a much-loathed and never-clicked media. Possible challenged people to engage by creating the Pringles Can Hands endless banner. Our team crafted about 97 different pieces of funny dialogue that drew people deeper into a conversation with Pringles at every click.

More than 300,000 people discovered and clicked in the first week. The ad was featured on the home pages of Fark, CollegeHumor, BuzzFeed, and Twitter Trends. An amazing 20% of people who clicked on the ad clicked through all 97 creative frames to view the entire ad. The Pringles Can Hands endless banner also earned P&G its first Gold Cyber Lion.

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