“I am An Xiaoqi” Wo shi An Xiaoqi is a video entertainment series Thoughtful China Creative started in December 2011.

Targeted at a young female demographic in 1st – 3rd tier cities throughout China this series centers around a young girl by the name of Xiaoqi.

The Xiaoqi character is a sweet and out going young woman pursing her dream of becoming an actress. As she strives to achieve this the audience follows Xiaoqi as she moves from her home town in northern China to Shanghai, reaches out to make friends, experiments with make-up, learns how to dance, puts on home fashion shows with her best friend and finally gets the chance to work with a brand as an adviser to young girls around that time of the month.

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  • The badge idea is a great suggestion! I’ve seen cionapmes try a give-away contest with something nice and expensive (an iPad) before they had a very big fan base. The competition was not very successful because it was not promoted well enough, and the rules didn’t require the people entering to social share , so the company didn’t increase their audience by very much, and lost money on the gift (which was also fairly unrelated to their products and services). Your Kotex example shows how successful a give-away can be when planned and executed well.