The ‘Aviva Great Wall of Education’ is another milestone by Aviva, towards building a bright future for underprivileged children and helping them off the streets and into education. Aviva Life Insurance has partnered with CRY and ‘Save the Children’ to facilitate education for over 50,000 children by 2012 under the Aviva Street to School initiative. In the first year, Aviva will be reaching out to 20,000 children across 9 projects in 5 states.
On the National Education Day, the citizens of Delhi came forward to help us, in our endeavor to build the world’s greatest book wall, an initiative undertaken by Aviva Street to School in partnership with Hindustan Times and Save the Children. The Great Wall of Education was built at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, between 11th and 15th November, using books donated by the people to educate thousands of underprivileged children. Dedicated drop boxes were also placed across Delhi and NCR at Aviva, ABN AMRO, IndusInd and DBS bank branches where people gave away their books.

The response we got from the participants exceeded our expectations. Students from Brain O Brain came & donated over 2000 books today. Over 200 schools came forward and played their role in this noble cause. The 5-day affair was then culminated in a book distribution ceremony on November 16th to ‘Save the Children’ India. The Great Wall of Education at Ansal Plaza amassed over 1,20,000 donated books.
In the days that followed the donation drive, these books were sorted according to educational, reference, activity books, etc. Over 18,900 of these that were in an unusable state, were recycled into stationery by Handpaper. With all the material now ready to serve its purpose, the books that made The Great Wall of Education, are now being distributed to those they will ultimately benefit. Thousands of underprivileged children in educational centers supported by Save The Children are now receiving these books that will help them secure their future.

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