Grazed on Greatness
– The Australian Cricket Team to wear suits threaded with victory –

M.J.Bale, Official Tailors to The Australian Cricket Team, announced its plan to ensure the continued success of Australian cricket by dressing the team in a first of its kind suit, pure wool threaded with victory. M.J. Bale has been grazing an elite group of Merino sheep on grass taken from the site of Australia’s greatest cricketing successes, the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Its wool, infused with Australian cricketing greatness, is used to craft the team’s suits, threaded with victory.

Last year, turf samples were taken from the SCG, with specific instructions from SCG Head Curator Tom Parker, on how to regrow it. The hallowed turf was regrown in Armidale NSW, where a lucky group of the finest Merino sheep, now graze on this grass infused with cricketing greatness. Eating the history, digesting the glory, the superfine wool from these sheep is used to make unique, handcrafted, tailor made M.J.Bale suits, the first of which are for the Australian Cricket Team.

To record the process a short documentary film has been made, starring Shane Watson, Michael Slater, Dougie Walters and superfine Merino wool grower Bill Mitchell. ‘Grazed on Greatness’ is the story of Australian Cricketing greatness creating the world’s only wool, threaded with victory.

M.J.Bale founder, Matt Jensen said, ‘We wanted to do something unique. Something that would make the Australian Cricket team’s players not only look good, but also feel good too. If these suits help the team physically, mentally or metaphorically feel like winners on their way to the West Indies, then it’s all been worth while.’

Shane Watson added, ‘What a fantastic idea. I can’t think of a single sporting fan that wouldn’t want a suit made from sheep grazed on Australia’s most hallowed turf. For us it’s a very special feeling to know where the wool has come from and all the guys are stoked.’

A limited edition range of suits threaded with victory will be available in M.J.Bale stores later this year.

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