For the first time Tippex engaged viewers on Youtube and allowed them to change the name of a video and to rewrite the story. They called it the Tippexperience. It started with a video called “a hunter shoots a bear”. Viewers can write and rewrite anything they want. As many times as they want. Directly in the title of the video. 42 alternative scenes were shot so that anything written got a video response. The possibilities were infinite. In 36 hours, the Not Suitable for Work video “a hunter shoots a bear” became a viral hit.

In 100 days the Tippex Youtube channel received more than 35,5 million views.. Average brand exposure was 5 minutes. The hunter and the bear went global and hit 217 countries around the world, The ad was shared 380 000 times on social medias with a virality rate of 500% & is still being shared as one of the most viral Youtube videos of all times!

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