Lacta is the leading chocolate brand in Greece. Continuing its strategy of being a symbol for the sweetness of love, Lacta invited its fans to submit their stories of unfulfilled love, with the promise to give them, the happy end they never had… on the cinema screen!

Three of these stories, formed the basis of a film screenplay, entitled “Love in the end”, to be released on Valentine’s Day, 2013. A transmedia campaign promoting the film, started with an online 20 minute short film, showing the beginning of one of the stories, ending on a cliffhanger. The campaign continued, with an Alternate Reality Game, launched when the heroine of that story supposedly posted a YouTube video, asking Internet users for help! The campaign became a big hit with audiences in Greece. 17% of the Greek Internet Population saw the online short, resulting to 700.000 views and hundreds of rave comments.

Anticipation for the film’s release was very high, evident by the increase of Lacta’s Facebook fans by 100.000, that made it’s page the biggest for any brand in Greece, with 650.000 fans.

Finally, the film had the biggest opening night for any Greek movie in the last 5 years, with more than 75% of the all movie tickets being sold, being for “Love in the end”!

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