For this years AT&T Youth Holiday campaign, users were able to share once in a lifetime gifts so incredible they were virtually priceless! The personalized gifts “that money can’t buy” were sent out in the hopes of enticing friends and loved ones to reciprocate with the new AT&T Nokia 920 smart phone for the holidays.

The gifts included: a body slam from a Luchador, a customized Epic van mural, a top-secret golf tip from pro golfer Keegan Bradley, a face melting guitar solo from Richie Sambora, a personalized drawing from a kindergartner signed by you, a longing look of passion from Luke Perry plus several more…

For the Kindergarten drawing video, we created the illusion that the little girl seemingly draws a portrait for the user with the recipient’s name scribbled on it in crayon. To create the Epic van mural in which a Facebook photo is seamlessly integrated into the vans illustrative side panels, we developed a specialized image-processing algorithm in-house.

Users also have the ability to preview their personalized video gift before sending. This is achieved through our custom cloud based video-rendering platform that allows for near “real time” previewing of the personalized video content.

Additionally, we leveraged the YouTube API to host the videos so that they could be played both on the recipient’s gift page and directly within the Facebook news feed.

And to top it all off, the experience even tied in a contest in which 41 lucky winners received an exclusive version of the Luke Perry video gift to send out to someone special. Because nothing says “happy Holidays” like Luke Perry lying on the beach in ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

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