“The Beauty Inside” is the story of a guy named Alex who wakes up every day as a different person. He is always the same person on the inside, but on the outside, he is somebody else. When he meets Leah and falls in love, everything changes for him. He knows he will see her again, but she will never see him.

Because Alex’s appearance changed every day, all fans—male or female—were invited to audition for the lead role of Alex. This underlying social component allowed the audience to engage and star alongside Hollywood big shots. Audience members also played Alex throughout the experience on his Facebook timeline via photos and videos, contributing to his narrative every step of the way.

This charming Facebook experience features an omnipresent character in the form of a Toshiba Portégé Ultrabook with Intel Inside, which Alex uses daily to chronicle his changing appearances and attempts at a meaningful relationship. The series gave Intel and Toshiba a chance to interact with and provide a branded entertainment experience to a younger generation of consumers engaged in social media.

A total of 26 Alexes were cast in the film from fans all over the world including Japan, France, German, Italy, Philippines, Canada and Spain. And an additional 50+ Alexes were selected/featured on the Facebook timeline. Alexes were chosen from over 4,000 auditions on Facebook.

The first of six episodes began airing August 16 running each Thursday at 3pmPST/6pmEST. With 70MM views, 96,000 likes on Facebook and a remarkable 97% approval on YouTube, “The Beauty Inside” wowed and attracted new fans as well as auditions to play Alex throughout the 6 week series.

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